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2014-03 Newsletter

2014-03 Newsletter

Issue Date: 
March 2014


Children Annual Re-Enrollment

Every year all your day care children need to be re-enrolled and we would like to remind you that the time is soon coming up. Later this month you will receive by mail an envelope with two identical sets of re-enrollment forms. Please call the office if by the end of March you have not receive it. It’s very important since all of your day care children need to be re-enrolled and this packet needs to be returned to the office by April 10th. If we do not received your re-enrollment packet back by the due date, all children will be remove from the system automatically.

Some Suggestions

• Re-enrollment forms will be mailed out in English. If your parents need the forms in Spanish, please call us a soon as possible and we can send you re-enrollment packet in the language desired.
• If a child’s re-enrollment form gets misplaced (parent lost it, document got ruined, etc.) Simply have the parent fill out a blank enrollment form. If you need extra enrollments, you can always call the office for more.
• Please read the instructions that will be given in the re-enrollment packet. This will help you and us make this process a success.
• When April 10th is approaching and you don’t have all your re-enrollments signed by the parents; send what you have and the rest can be sent separately.
• To all the WEB providers, please be aware that as we start receiving your re-enrollment packet those children whose re-enrollment were not signed, missing in the packet or marked “x” out will be removed from the system. Call us if you believe a child was remove by error.




New Child Enrollment Form

We are pleased to introduce a new child enrollment form that will go into effect for any children enrolling in your program on or after April 1st 2014. We hope the new form will make your paperwork easier. Here is why:

1. It consists of 1 page only. The infant and non-infant information is all together on one page.

2. There are more selection for those children whose schedule varies.
3. The multiple options for entering a child schedule will help your daycare parent fill out the enrollment correctly. However, always remember to review the enrollment with them the enrollment to make sure it is accurate and that it will coincide with the way you will claim the child in the program.
4. There is now a check box for parents to select if they DON’T want their child to be in the food program.
Your monitor will be supplying you with enrollment forms starting April 1st, and you will get one new form with your re-enrollment packet. Please dispose of any old blank enrollment forms, as we will no longer be accepting them.