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Menu Options

Menu Options

Menu Options
For your convenience, we provide two menu options for you to claim meals. We feel these options allow providers to have their own comfort level in doing all necessary paperwork.

Internet Claiming: Its Fast and Easy! Submit your menus via the Internet.
This program eliminates the need to use the US postal system. At the end of the month, all you have to do is click the send button and submit them via the internet.
Directions for internet claiming: KidKarepng

To enter the program visit: WWW.KIDKARE.COM
Select> Log In (the blue box at the top of the page)
Input your log in Username: __________ (PRI will provide you with this; please contact us)
Input your Password: ________ (PRI will provide you with this; please contact us )
Then follow directions and input your menu accordingly.

Visit their facebook page:

Bubble Menus:

The option to use bubble menus is no longer available.

This service has been discontinued by the Minute Menu system.